GC-210 is the Fast&Furious road on Canary Islands

Located on the central part of the island of Gran Canaria in the province of Las Palmas on Canary Islands, Spain, the challenging GC-210 road is a steep and hair-raising journey. It’s said to be the loneliest road on the island.

GC-210 Road

How long is GC-210 road on Canary Islands?

The road is totally paved. It’s 34.4 km (21.37 miles) long running west-east from La Aldea de San Nicolas de Tolentino to Tejeda, via Artenara, which at an altitude of 1.270m (4,167ft) is the highest village of the island and also one of the oldest.

Is GC-210 road on Canary Islands challenging?

The road is not easy. It’s difficult to ride because it’s extremely narrow in parts (impassable for 2 cars at the same time), winding and steep. It tops out a 1.378m (4,520ft) above the sea level. This difficult but beautiful road is very narrow and without any traffic. It's the kind of the road that fries brake pads and makes grown men cry. No cellphone connection most of the time. Snaking through the rocky landscape of the island, this stretch of tarmac is also steep. The average gradient is 4% but there are sections up to 9%. The road has 32 hairpin turns. Prone to landslides, sudden torrential rainstorms and with a decidedly low-grip form of asphalt it can be quite the wild ride. Very slippery when wet.

How long does it take to drive GC-210 road on Canary Islands?

It’s a very small and scenic road. The drive offers great views and a little adventure. To drive the road without stopping will take most people between 1 and 1.5 hours. This lunar road offers stunning views of 2 reservoir dams: Presa Caidero de la Niña and Presa del Parralillo.

Where was Fast & Furious 6 filmed?

Located in the mountainous central part of the island, the road was featured in Fast & Furious 6 and was the location of many scenes in the movie.
Road suggested by: Marco Esteban Perez