Olerdola Castle is a classic road trip

Castell d’Olerdola sits at an elevation of 314m (1,033ft) above the sea level, in the comarca of the Alt Penedès in Catalonia, Spain. The road to the castle is pretty steep, with sections up to 10%.

Olerdola Castle

Located on the northern side of the Garraf massif, the paved road to the summit is called BV-2443. It’s 1.9km long and climbs up to the Olerdola Castle, which offers a permanent exhibition of historical importance on an archaeological site. The territory has been inhabited since the Neolithic period, and Iberic and Roman remains are juxtaposed with the ruins of the castle. The castle was built in the Early Middle Ages.

The road is pretty steep. Starting from the C15 road, the ascent is 1.9km long. Over this distance the elevation gain is 137m and the average percentage is 7,21%. The road has been demanded as a film set for numerous television commercials, such as Seat Leon.