The breathtaking road to Playa Veneguera

Located in Gran Canaria, one of Spain’s Canary Islands, off northwestern Africa, Playa Veneguera is a 370-metre-long beach, one of the few genuinely untouched beaches remaining in Gran Canaria.

Playa Veneguera

The road to the beach is gravel and sand. 4x4 vehicles and experienced drivers only. The one-lane gravel road winds its way (you use only second or first gear, mind you) between banana, papaya and mango plantations. It’s about 9 Kilometers down a progressively worsening narrow road/track. The scenery on the way is quite nice but the road is so bumpy its hard to appreciate it.

The track encompasses miles of stunning views. The beach can only be reached via this road that is in relatively poor condition, but the discomfort of the bumpy road is well worth the pleasure it offers. After taking this road in rather bad condition, you come to the coast, a stony and sandy beach which has been popular with campers for decades. Veneguera is a long way from help and there’s no mobile phone reception. This corner of the island is one of the last nearly untouched areas of the island. Really worth a visit for all nature-lovers!