Penedes Wine Road is well worth the time

Carretera del Vi (Wine Road) is a very scenic drive located in the Penedès zone, in Catalonia, Spain. This oeno-touristic attraction, with a high historical and cultural value, allows wine lovers to get acquainted with the ancient route that linked together the vineyards in the Penedès and the beaches of Garraf.

Carretera del Vi

Allow one day to follow the entire route. It’s 40km long by some asphalted roads. It follows the BP 2121, C-15 and C15B roads and links the castle of Sant Martí Sarroca with the beaches of Sitges winding through the towns of Sant Martí Sarroca, Pacs del Penedès, Vilafranca del Penedès, San Miquel d’Olerdola, Canyelles, Sant Pere de Ribes and Sitges.

The drive is the first Wine Road in Spain and aims to recover the historical commercial route that was already used by the Romans to export the Penedès wines all over the world.