Highest roads of Spain

Highest roads of Spain

Located in southwestern Europe, Spain is a very mountainous country. It is perhaps most well-known for its sandy beaches, but Spain is the most mountainous country in Europe after Switzerland, and climbing to the top of some of the country’s highest peaks will reward you with the most spectacular sights ever.

Highest roads of the country:

Pass Elevation Zone Surface
Pico del Veleta 3.369m (11,053ft) Andalusia Mostly asphalted
Collado de Carihuela 3.209m (10,528ft) Andalusia Gravel
Collado El Lobo 3.115m (10,219ft) Andalusia Gravel
Refugio Villavientos 3.094m (10,150ft) Andalusia Gravel
Refugio de la Caldera 3.053m (10,016ft) Andalusia Gravel
Observatorio Sierra Nevada 2.885m (9,465ft) Andalusia Gravel
Collado de las Yeguas 2.859m (9,379ft) Andalusia Gravel
Observatorio Pico Veleta 2.856m (9,370ft) Andalusia Asphalt
Cap de les Raspes Roies 2.754m (9,035 ft) Catalonia Gravel
Pico del Teide access 2.743m (8,999ft) Canary Islands Gravel
Alto del Chorrillo 2.691m (8,828ft) Andalusia Gravel
Pic Negre 2.643m (8,671ft) Catalonia Gravel
Pas dels Lladres 2.621m (8,599ft) Catalonia Gravel
Pico Gallinero 2.613m (8,572ft) Aragon Gravel
Quiosco la Laguna 2.610m (8,562ft) Andalusia Gravel
Peñón del Muerto 2.569m (8,428ft) Andalusia Gravel
Cima de Liena 2.566m (8,418ft) Aragon Gravel
Hoya de la Mora 2.550m (8,366ft) Andalusia Asphalt
Tosa d’Alp 2.535m (8,316ft) Catalonia Gravel
Pico del Chullo 2.520m (8,267ft) Andalusia Gravel
Montanha deth Dossau 2.515m (8,251ft) Catalonia Gravel
Collada de Port Negre 2.505m (8,218ft) Catalonia Gravel
Tuc de la Llança 2.503m (8,211ft) Catalonia Gravel
Les Marmotes 2.502m (8,208ft) Catalonia Gravel
Coll de Caralps 2.501m (8,205ft) Catalonia Gravel
Refugio Poqueira 2.501m (8,205ft) Andalusia Gravel
Tossal dels Altars 2.488m (8,162ft) Catalonia Gravel
Cap de Baqueira 2.467m (8,093ft) Catalonia Gravel
Cerro El Buitre 2.466m (8,090ft) Andalusia Gravel
Montaña Rajada 2.463m (8,080ft) Canary Islands Gravel
Pico Papeles 2.462m (8,077ft) Andalusia Gravel
Tuc de Saumet 2.446m (8,024ft) Catalonia Gravel
Pas de Llevata 2.445m (8,021ft) Catalonia Gravel
Torreta de l'Orri 2.439m (8,001ft) Catalonia Gravel
Roque de los Muchachos 2.423m (7,949ft) Canary Islands Asphalt
Port de Filià 2.404m (7,887ft) Catalonia Gravel
Lo Covil 2.402m (7,880ft) Catalonia Gravel
Puig de Fontlletera 2.401m (7,877ft) Catalonia Gravel
Observatorio del Teide 2.397m (7,864ft) Canary Islands Asphalt
Coll de Finestres 2.392m (7,847ft) Catalonia Gravel
Teso dera Mina 2.390m (7,841ft) Catalonia Gravel
Pedró dels Quatre Batlles 2.387m (7,831ft) Catalonia Gravel
Coma d'Amitges 2.382m (7,814ft) Catalonia Gravel
Ibón de Urdiceto 2.380m (7,808ft) Aragon Gravel
Alto de las Chorreras 2.371m (7,778ft) Andalusia Gravel
Estanys de la Pera 2.363m (7,752ft) Catalonia Gravel
Base del Teide 2.356m (7,729ft) Canary Islands Asphalt
Cap de la Fesa 2.356m (7,729ft) Catalonia Gravel
Collado de Basibé 2.353m (7,719ft) Aragon Gravel
Pico Cogulla 2.351m (7,713ft) Aragon Gravel
Peña Horadada 2.350m (7,709ft) Andalusia Gravel
El Filo 2.347m (7,700ft) Canary Islands Gravel
Teso dera Reina 2.343m (7,687ft) Catalonia Gravel
Tuc de Costarjàs 2.337m (7,667ft) Catalonia Gravel
Puntal de la Canilla 2.335m (7,660ft) Andalusia Gravel
Muntanya dels Estanyets 2.334m (7,657ft) Catalonia Gravel
Tuca Urmella 2.333m (7,654ft) Aragon Gravel
Collado de Urdiceto 2.330m (7,644ft) Aragon Gravel
Cim Costuix  2.328m (7,637ft) Catalonia Gravel
Cerro Almirez 2.327m (7,634ft) Andalusia Gravel
Mines de Liat 2.324m (7,624ft) Catalonia Gravel
Estany Negre 2.323m (7,621ft) Catalonia Gravel
Pico de Cerler 2.322m (7,618ft) Aragon Gravel
Cap de la Peulla 2.322m (7,618ft) Catalonia Gravel
Pico Labert 2.316m (7,598ft) Aragon Gravel
LP-4 2.306m (7,566ft) Canary Islands Asphalt
Corral del Niño 2.305m (7,562ft) Canary Islands Asphalt
Port de Cabús 2.302m (7,552ft) Catalonia Gravel
Serrat de Capifonts 2.295m (7,529ft) Catalonia Gravel
Montcaubó 2.293m (7,522ft) Catalonia Gravel
Sierra de Chia 2.291m (7,516ft) Aragon Gravel
Laguna Seca 2.283m (7,490ft) Andalusia Gravel
La Raca 2.271m (7,450ft) Aragon Gravel
Puerto de Bujaruelo  2.270m (7,447ft) Aragon Asphalt
Coll de la Portella 2.269m (7,444ft) Catalonia Gravel
Canchal Negro 2.268m (7,440ft)  Castile and Leon Gravel
Bola del Mundo 2.265m (7,431ft) Madrid/Castile Concrete
Puerto de Izaña 2.263m (7,424ft) Canary Islands Asphalt
Puerto del Ampriu 2.261m (7,417ft) Aragon Mostly asphalted
Port d’Aulà 2.260m (7,414ft) Catalonia Gravel
Lago de Llauset  2.250m (7,381ft) Aragon Mostly asphalted
Pista de las Cutas 2.242m (7,355ft) Aragon Gravel
Pico del Lobo 2.242m (7,355ft) Leon/La Mancha Gravel
Refugio del Puntal 2.242m (7,355ft) Andalusia Gravel
Pico de las Tres Güegas 2.240m (7,349ft) Aragon Gravel
El Tobazo 2.236m (7,335ft) Aragon Gravel
Coll d'Espot 2.233m (7,326ft) Catalonia Gravel
Serra de Vilach 2.232m (7,322ft) Catalonia Gravel
Pic de Monturull 2.228m (7,309ft) Catalonia Gravel
Cap de Blanhiblar 2.227m (7,306ft) Catalonia Gravel
Santa Bárbara 2.218m (7,276ft) Andalusia Gravel
Mirador de los Valles 2.208m (7,244ft) Aragon Gravel
Cim Coma Morera 2.205m (7,234ft) Catalonia Asphalt
Cruz de Guardia 2.202m (7,224ft)  Aragon Gravel
Tavascan chairlift 2.198m (7,211ft) Catalonia Gravel
Collado La Magdalena 2.183m (7,162ft) Aragon Gravel
Coll de Conglens 2.180m (7,152ft) Catalonia Gravel
Coma d'Auran 2.176m (7,139ft)  Catalonia Gravel
Rinconada de Nigüelas 2.174m (7,132ft) Andalusia Gravel
Calar Alto 2.168m (7,113ft) Andalusia Asphalt
Coll de Laquell 2.162m (7,093ft) Catalonia Gravel
Vallter 2000
2.156m (7,073ft) Catalonia Asphalt
Pleta de Comabella 2.148m (7,047ft) Catalonia Gravel
Hoyo Cerrado 2.144m (7,034ft) Madrid/Castile Gravel
La Polarda 2.143m (7,030ft) Andalusia Gravel
Lapazuso 2.142m (7,027ft) Aragon Gravel
Monte San Lorenzo 2.137m (7,011ft) La Rioja Gravel
Punta Malacara 2.137m (7,011ft) Aragon Gravel
Coll de Pimés 2.136m (7,007ft) Catalonia Gravel
Silla de la Yegua 2.135m (7,004ft) Castile and Leon Gravel
Ibon de Asnos 2.135m (7,004ft) Aragon Gravel
Pas de la Mainera 2.134m (7,001ft) Catalonia Gravel
Refugi de Saboredo 2.133m (6,998ft) Catalonia Gravel
Refugi Malniu 2.131m (6,991ft) Catalonia Gravel
Collada del Sarset 2.126m (6,975ft) Catalonia Gravel
Nuevo Mundo 2.115m (6,938ft) Andalusia Gravel
Coll del Triador 2.108m (6,916ft) Catalonia Gravel
Comodoto 2.107m (6,912ft) Aragon Gravel
Coll Tancalaporta 2.106m (6,909ft) Catalonia Gravel
Refugio Ventura 2.105m (6,906ft) Andalusia Gravel
Collá las Agujas 2.101m (6,893ft) Castile Leon Gravel
El Retamar 2.100m (6,889ft) Canary Islands Asphalt

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