GC-200 is an exhilarating road with 365 curves and spectacular views in the Canary Islands

GC-200 is said to be the most challenging road in Spain. It’s an exhilarating drive with stunning coastal and mountain scenery located in the western region of Gran Canaria Island. It's also one of Europe's top drives with cliff-edge moments. The road has it all, from hairpin bends to sheer cliff-edge drops. It's one of the best roads on the Canary Islands.


How long is the GC-200 road?

The road is 65.2 km (40.51 miles) long, running from Agaete to La Playa de Mogán, at the end of highway GC-1. The most challenging part of the road links Agaete and La Aldea de San Nicolás de Tolentino towns. Only experienced drivers should attempt this drive, though.

Is the GC-200 road dangerous?

Tucked away within the Parque Natural de Tamadaba, the road is totally paved and clings to the cliffs for 25kms or more at a height of about 200 to 900 meters. There is just enough room for two vehicles to pass (trucks blow their horns going around corners and there has to be some juggling over passing). The road has it all, from hairpin bends to sheer cliff-edge drops. It's normal for your palms to sweat looking at those photos; imagine what it must have been like before the barriers. The first protections were built in the 1970s, but before more than 40 people died. However, the tiny brick wall at the edge of the road is not going to stop your vehicle from going over. The road is said to have 365 turns.

Is the GC-200 road in the Canary Islands open?

It can be closed anytime because of the wind or the rain. Landslides can occur at any time (more than 150 every year), especially during rainy seasons, forcing the authorities to close the road several times every year. Road closures can be frequent, so check conditions before traveling to this area. The local government is suggesting closing the road due to its dangerousness. The road is "temporarily" closed between kms 20-22 due to big rocks on the road and bigger ones still waiting to fall. Bicycles are prohibited on the road.

How long does it take to drive the GC-200 road?

To drive the road without stopping will take most people between 2 and 2.5 hours with three-hundred-something curves and spectacular panoramic views.

Is the GC-200 road worth it?

It's one of the best coastal drives in the world. The GC-200 opens up Gran Canaria’s wildest stretch of coast. The mountains reach down to the sea and plummet abruptly into the depths. You have a wonderful view across the water to Tenerife from the Mirador de Balcón. The views are incredibly spectacular but the road is not for nervous drivers. It's Gran Canaria's most spectacular road and takes you right through the Biosphere Reserve along its most remote coast. Sometimes, it's the journey that makes a trip special. While there are interesting places to stop off on the road, merely driving along this serpentine road is something special.