A defiant road through Hoces de Vegacervera canyon

Hoces de Vegacervera is an amazing gorge located in the Province of León, in the community autonomous of Castile and León, in Spain. It’s one of the most scenic canyon roads of Spain.

Hoces de Vegacervera

The road is totally paved running through the Hoces de Vegacervera, an imposing gorge created by the karst erosion of the waters of the Torío River. It’s called LE-311 road. It is characterised by the verticality of its walls and the narrowing of the valley produced by the erosion of Torío River.

The most challenging part of the drive is 7.3km (4.53 miles) long, running from Felmín to Matallana de Torío along Torío river. Its narrow canyons with vertical walls exceed 100 meters in height. The notable features of this landscape include the upper valley of the River Torio, and the rock erosion caused by the action of the river, creating a gorge with steep walls that line the river. High risk of rock slides.