A-7000, an enthralling road with 2 pigtails

A-7000 is an awe-inspiring drive through the mountains, located in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, in Southern Spain. The road features 2 pigtails, turns which loop over their own road, allowing the road to climb rapidly.


The road, formerly known as N-321, is paved. It’s 29.5 km (18.33 miles) long, running south-north from the city of Malaga to the village of Colmenar. Ir tuns through the 'Montes de Malaga', a mountain range of the Penibaetic System. The road was the old route from Málaga to Granada.

The road is open throughout the year and climbs up Puerto del León, a mountain pass featured in the Spanish Vuelta race, and tops out at 955m (3,133ft) above the sea level. The drive offers truly beautiful views.

There are 2 places where the road makes 360 degree turns- where the road completely circles around and passes over itself as it climbs the side of the mountain. This old road will treat you with impressive views of the Málaga bay, but those are only part of the attraction.