Coll de la Creueta

A paved scenic road to Coll de la Creueta

Coll de la Creueta is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 1.880m (6,167ft) above the sea level, located in the comarca of the Berguedà in Catalonia, northern Spain.

Nestled in the Pyrenees, a mountain range in southwest Europe that forms a natural border between France and Spain, the road to the summit is paved in good conditions. It’s called BV-4031. Open to traffic throughout the year, the road may be closed for short periods in winter when the weather is bad.

The pass is 26.6 km long, running nouth-north from La Pobla de Lillet towards GI-400 road, via Castellar de n'Hug. The road is steep, hitting a 12.0% through some of the ramps. Starting from Pobla de Lillet, the ascent is 20.5 km long. Over this distance, the elevation gain is 1.060 meters. The average percentage is 5.2 %.