Puerto de Vegarada

An iconic road to Puerto de Vegarada

Puerto de Vegarada is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 1.555m (5,101ft) above the sea level, situated between Asturias and León province, in north-western Spain.

The pass is located within the Cantabrian Mountains range. There are 2 roads to reach the summit. Starting from La Vecilla de Curueño, in Castile and León, the road is called LE-321. It’s 27.8 km long. It’s asphalted in pretty bad conditions.

Starting from Collanzo, in Asturias, the road is called AE-6. It’s 18.5 km long. The road features asphalt, concrete and gravel parts. The climb becomes brutal, and eventually averages out at 12,4km a 7,6%. The main body of this climb is the middle stretch, a leg-breaking 4,0km at 12,0%, 2/3 of which is on some pretty horrible sterrato. There is a maximum gradient of 25% and there are three more ramps over 20%, and a further seven between 15% and 19%.


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