Travel guide to Haza del Lino

Haza del Lino is a mountain pass at an elevation of 1.280m (4,199ft) above the sea level, located in Granada, a province of southern Spain, in the eastern part of the autonomous community of Andalusia.

Haza del Lino

The road to reach the pass is paved. The pass sits atop the Sierra de la Contraviesa, a coastal mountain range famous for its vineyards, almond and fig groves.

There are many approaches to the portal of Haza del Lino, both from the coast and inland. The most famous one is by the A-4131 road. The climb starts from Castell de Ferro via Rubite. It’s 22,2km with an average gradient of 5,8%. This is perhaps the "classic" way to climb to the summit, featuring that brutally difficult middle section - there are 7km averaging 9,5% from kilometre 6 to 13. After a brief descent, there is then another 7km of more typical matters, but the climb really strikes out hard in the middle.