Subida a Tresviso is a challenging mule track

Subida a Tresviso is the name of a mule track located in the Liebana zone, straddling the Autonomous Communities of Asturias and Cantabria, in Spain. The track is permanently closed to vehicles.

Subida a Tresviso

When was Subida a Tresviso track built?

Set high in the Picos de Europa mountain range, the track is totally unpaved and very rocky. It’s called PR-PNPE-30. The track was built during the XIX century, to bring materials to the mine of Andara, by a society called 'La Providencia'.

Is Subida a Tresviso track challenging?

The track is also known as Ruta Urdón-Tresviso, La Senda de La Peña and Ruta a Tresviso. It features countless hairpin turns and very dangerous drop offs. Extreme care is required. Located on the northern part of the country, the track is brutally steep, hitting a 37% of maximum gradient through some of the ramps. The elevation gain is 895 meters and the average gradient is 15.16%.

How long is Subida a Tresviso track?

The track is 5.9 km (3.66 miles) long, running east-west from the paved N-621 road (Desfiladero de La Hermida) to Tresviso, a picturesque village set high in the mountains. It was used by soldiers during the Spanish Civil War. In winter there is usually snow and in summer it is hot, so be prepared and carry a lot of water.

Is Subida a Tresviso track worth it?

The track features extremely scenic views through Ahileras, Entrelospuentes, las Canalizas de Grezo, canal de Cerrosa, la Vargona, Ciabedo, el balcón de Pilatos (a point with a vertical fall of more than 600m with an indredible view of the river Urdón), Cotero Cruzand and los Invernales de Prias, before reaching the town of Tresviso.