What are the best roads in Mallorca? Top 5

Nestled in the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, the island of Mallorca not only has pristine beaches but also roads made for driving. With curves that snake through breathtaking scenery and coastal routes that invite adventure, this Balearic Island is a haven for anyone who loves the open road. From the dramatic twists of the Serra de Tramuntana to the coastal routes, Mallorca offers a driving paradise where every turn reveals a new vista. Join us as we explore the best driving roads on the island.

What are the best roads in Mallorca?

Sa Calobra Road: The Snake Road

Sa Calobra Road is a 12.2 km (7.58 miles) stretch nestled on the northwestern part of Mallorca. Paved and built in 1932 by Antonio Parietti, it features challenging twists, including the famous "Knot of the tie" curve. Considered one of Spain's most dangerous roads, it demands caution due to its steep, narrow profile. The drive takes 25-35 minutes, providing breathtaking views and an exhilarating experience.

Formentor Lighthouse Road: Scenic Majesty

Leading to Far de Formentor, a lighthouse constructed in 1863, this road offers a paved 10.9 km (6.77 miles) route with stunning coastal vistas. Challenging due to its narrowness and drop-offs, it restricts car access during peak season. Famous for film shoots, the drive takes 20-30 minutes and is renowned for its spectacular views of the Mallorcan coast.

MA-10 Road: The Wildest Drive

Stretching 110 km (68 miles) across the Serra de Tramuntana, MA-10 is known as the wildest road in Mallorca. Paved and taking about 2 hours to drive without stops, it features hairpin turns, tunnels, and mountain passes. Built in 1961, it demands caution for goats, reduced speed limits, and heavy traffic. The road offers endless views of the Tramuntana mountains and the turquoise sea.

Puig Major: Mountain Majesty

Puig Major, the highest peak in Mallorca, boasts a summit off-limits due to military use. The 6.9 km (4.28 miles) paved road, built in 1958, includes a challenging climb with 8 hairpin turns and an 11% maximum gradient. The effort is rewarded with a spectacular view of Serra de Tramuntana, though caution is advised for strong winds at the summit.

MA-1131 Road: Narrow Coastal Thrill

A thrilling 5.7 km (3.54 miles) drive from Valldemossa to Port de Valldemossa, MA-1131 is totally paved with 9 sharp hairpin turns and a 16% maximum gradient. This narrow and winding coastal road challenges drivers, especially beginners. Taking about 20 minutes, it offers stunning views of the Mediterranean, with an impressive descent featuring precipitous views and limited pull-over spots.

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