GI-400 is a memorable road trip in the Pyrenees

GI-400 is a very scenic mountain road with stunning views located in the province of Girona, in the autonomous community of Catalonia, in Spain.

GI-400 Road

How long is the GI-400 road?

Located at the northeastern part of the country, the road is fully paved and provides a stunning driving experience, especially for motorbikes, with dozens of sweeping turns. It’s 18.9 km (11.74 miles) long, running from Collada de Toses to Alp, in the comarca of Cerdanya.

Is the GI-400 road in the Pyrenees open?

Set high in the Pyrenees mountain range, the road tops out at 1,811m (5,941ft) above sea level. It’s usually open year-round, but short-term closures are common in winter due to dangerous weather conditions. The road gives access to La Molina and Masella ski resorts. Along the way, you can discover military constructions and bunkers from the Spanish Civil War.