Journeying through Spain's Echoing Canyon: Hoz de Valeria Road Adventure

Hoz de Valeria is the name of a very scenic canyon located in the heart of Cuenca province in the eastern part of the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha, in Spain. It’s one of the most scenic canyon roads of Spain.

Hoz de Valeria

Driving the echoing gorges of Hoz de Valeria

Tucked away within the Sistema Ibérico mountain range, the road through the canyon, also known as Hoz del Río Gritos, is called CM-2100. Carved by the Gritos river, the road through the canyon is well-paved and maintained, making for a smooth journey through nature's masterpiece. Its serene environment, devoid of heavy traffic, ensures an intimate experience with nature. Intriguingly, the Gritos river owes its name to the pronounced echo that resonates close to its flow through this stretch.

How long is the road through Hoz de Valeria?

Stretching over 6.8 km (4.22 miles), this scenic route connects Valeria and Valeria de Abajo. Hoz de Valeria sits amongst the Iberian System's westernmost formations, showcasing a landscape that boasts both towering mountain alignments and sprawling valleys. This contrasting topography, with its vast plains and exquisite valleys, amplifies the region's immense beauty and allure.
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