N-340 in Tarragona is the most haunted road in Spain

Located in the province of Tarragona, in the South of Catalonia, Spain, the infamous kilometer 159 of the main N-340 road is said to be the most haunted road in Spain.

N-340 in Tarragona

Tucked away on the northern part of the country, N-340 road is totally paved. It’s a main road in Spain at 1,000 km long, running from Barcelona to Cádiz. Specialists in these esoteric topics affirm that the kilometer 159 of the old road, in the municipality of Alcanar, right in front of Los Alfaques camping, is the most haunted section of the Spanish entire road network.

Dozens of drivers claim to have seen men, women and children with inert expressions watching them, right in front of the place where on July 11, 1978, the accident of a tanker truck (carrying 25 tons of propylene) caused a fireball that killed 243 people. It was real hell at 2,000ºC. The gruesome scenes shocked the world: families charred in a heartbeat while playing cards, people wasting away as they ran to escape, victims who cooked in the water on the beach believing that they would find shelter there. When time faded the tragedy in the national memory, it seemed that only the relatives of the victims would keep the memory alive. That was the case until witnesses began to appear telling the impossible: dozens of drivers who reported inexplicable visions while driving on the N-340 road near Los Alfaques.

Others insist they have seen children in summer clothes late at night wandering the road. “Ghosts” of all those people who died in the fire. Pure suggestion for knowing in a place marked by such a terrible tragedy or real mystery, the truth is that those who claim to have witnessed the phenomenon highlight –above all– the terrifying immobility of the figures.