Driving Coll de Soller: a thrilling road experience with 52 hairpin turns in Mallorca

Coll de Soller is a mountain pass at an elevation of 508m (1,666ft) above sea level, located on the island of Mallorca, in Spain. This hugely enjoyable and memorable road is a ‘must-climb’ for every cyclist visiting Mallorca.

Coll de Soller

How long is Coll de Soller in Mallorca?

Set high in the Tramuntana mountain range, the road to the summit is totally paved but slightly cracked in places. It's called MA-11A. The pass is 10.7 km (6.64 miles) long, starting and ending at MA-11 road.

Is the road to Coll de Soller in Mallorca challenging?

Located on the northern part of Mallorca, the drive is a thrilling experience with 52 hairpin turns. It's not recommended if you’re prone to car sickness. The road to the summit is very steep, with a maximum gradient of 12.7% through some of the ramps. Watch out for goats near or on the road. Due to its countless turns, the road was bypassed by the free Sóller-Palma Tunnel in 1997 (expressly and clearly prohibited for cyclists), and now the road is rarely traveled by cars.

How long does it take to drive Coll de Soller in Mallorca?

To drive the road without stopping will take most people between 25 and 35 minutes. Expect heavy traffic in summer and during holiday seasons. It is open throughout the year. The road twists and turns up the mountain, offering truly spectacular views: north to the sea and south over the island to Palma. The summit hosts a couple of restaurants with limited seasonal opening times: Restaurant Dalt d'es Coll and Ca'n Topa, Coll de Sóller.