GC-500 is a cliffside road on Gran Canaria island

Located in the Province of Las Palmas, on the south of Gran Canaria island, in Spain, the picturesque GC-500 is a cliffside road with stunning coastal scenery.

GC-500 Road

How long is the GC-500 road?

The scenic coastal road is entirely paved. It’s a winding and narrow road that runs between the wall and the precipice to the seafront. GC-500 is 45km (28 miles) long, running from La Playa de Mogán to Vecindario, in the southeast part of the island of Gran Canaria.

Is the GC-500 road closed?

A part of the road between La Playa de Mogán and Taurito, known as Carretera Vieja ('Old Road'), has been closed since July 2017 due to a serious risk of landslides, with big rocks on the road and bigger ones still waiting to fall. Sadly, this part is still being accessed daily by people repeatedly breaking through the protection fence. Please respect the safety measures. This section was bypassed by the main GC-1 Road.

Is the GC-500 road worth it?

Known as The Old Coastal Road, it’s an exhilarating drive with stunning views of the southern Canary Island landscape. To drive the road without stopping will take most people between 1 and 1.5 hours. The road has it all, from hairpin bends to tunnels and sheer cliff-edge drops. It clings to the cliffs for 25kms or more at a height of about 200 to 900 meters.