A beautiful road through Congosto de Olvena

Congosto de Olvena is the name of a very scenic drive running through an incredible landscape located in Huesca province, in the autonomous community of Aragon, Spain. It’s one of the most scenic canyon roads of Spain.

Congosto de Olvena

The scenic road is totally paved (in very good conditions) running through Congosto de Olvena, an impressive karstic canyon excavated by the River Ésera. The road is called N-123. It’s a main Spanish road running from Benabarre to Barbastro.

Tucked away in Prepirineo range, Somontano de Barbastro´s Comarca, the road is 7,6 km (4.72 miles) long. The drive is extremely scenic with stunning views. The N-123 road runs through the gorge for 300 m. deep excavated by the Ésera river in the limestone of the northern slope of the Sierra de la Carrodilla.

The trip features 10 tunnels. The total length of the 10 tunnels is 1,127 meters and they are all monotube road tunnels with one lane for each direction of traffic. The lengths of the tunnels are:

Tunnel Length

Olvena 1- 19 m
Olvena 2- 30 m
Olvena 3- 56 m
Olvena 4- 174 m
Olvena 5- 246 m
Olvena 6- 107 m
Olvena 7- 150 m
Olvena 8- 60 m
Olvena 9- 110 m
Olvena 10- 175 m

Road suggested by: jorge manuel gómez sánchez