8 spectacular roads to drive in Albacete

Located at the very center of the Iberian peninsula, the province of Albacete belongs to Castilla la Mancha, a historic region of Spain. The autonomous community encompasses five provinces: Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Guadalajara and Toledo. It is one of the most sparsely populated of Spain's autonomous communities and its geography contains two clearly differentiated types of landscape: plains and mountains. If you opt to explore its natural landscapes, you should bear in mind that Castile–La Mancha is one of their territories in Europe with the largest number of officially designated nature reserves, nature areas and national parks.

8 spectacular roads to drive in Albacete

Exploring the Castilla La Mancha area of Spain you’ll find a few roads, each worthy of an individual recommendation. They all pass through spectacular forests, terraced slopes, deep gorges, twisty mountain passes multi-coloured rock faces, just stunning.

AB4006 (A-3):

Running from Lietor to its Junction with the CM3203. Totally paved. 13.2km (8.20 miles) long. Heading down to cross the Rio Mundo this is an exciting road to ride. It has many hairpins and tight turns and follows the river for a while then heads south hugging the sides of shrub and forest covered slopes. There are many unguarded sections with sheer drops.




Starting at the junction with the CM3216 passing the Mirador del Diablo through Ayna passing the Mirador del Infierno and on to its junction with the AB508. Totally paved. It’s 12.9 km (8.015 miles) long. The two Miradors (View Points) are well worth exploring just a few metres from the roadside.



Running from its junction with the CM3203 to its junction with the AB515 (A-24) towards Albaraz. Totally paved. It’s 24.7 km (15.34 miles) long.




It comprises A-24 then A4 running to Penascosa. Totally paved. It’s 17.1 km (10,62 miles) long.




Running from its junction with the N322 (A-22) to its junction with the AB508 just east of Fuente Higuera. Totally paved. It’s 47.6 km (29,57 miles) long.




Running from its junction with the CM412 via the access road to the source of the Rio Mundo. The CM3204 continues to the Castilla La Mancha/ Andalucia border and beyond. It’s an interesting forested route. Totally paved. It’s 7.5km (4,66 miles) long.




Running from Molinicos to its junction with the CM3206 Densely forested, stunning scenery not too twisty, a wonderful road to enjoy the vistas. Totally paved. It’s 13.4 km (8,32 miles) long.




Running from its junction with the AB509/AB510 on to Yeste. A great route including a bridge across a lake fed by the Rio Tus and a couple of short tunnels hewn from the hillside. Totally paved. It’s 14.0 km (8,69 miles) long.


Road suggested by: Mike and Carol New