A sandy road through Valdevaqueros dune

Duna de Valdevaqueros is an extensive dune located in the Province of Cadiz, Andalusia in southern Spain.

Valdevaqueros dune

Located on the way to Paloma Baja village, the road through the dunes is totally paved. It’s called A-2325. The dune was created in the 1940s to protect the Punta Paloma coastal battery (currently dismantled). Attempts to prevent the movement of sand that threatened to bury the military installations led to the formation of a large dune that would later be fixed by means of a repopulation of pines. The active dune is still in formation.

The road through the dunes is 700 m (0.43 miles) long and was closed years ago because it was totally flooded by the dune and sand. The mobile dune is yet causing troubles and leaves residents of the area isolated periodically. Nowadays, there are machines to retire sand from the road. Great place to stop by for photos.
Road suggested by: jorge manuel gómez sánchez