Ruta Jubierre: offroad in the Monegros Desert

Ruta Jubierre is a very scenic offroad experience in the Monegros comarca province of Huesca, Aragon, in northeastern Spain.

Ruta Jubierre

Located within the Monegros Desert, in the Sierra de Jubierre range, the unpaved track is 18.5 km long, running north-south from A-131 road, near Sena, to A-2221 road, near Castejón de Monegros. Extreme weather: very hot in summers and very cold in winters. Expect fog often. 4x4 vehicle recommended.

The journey offers stunning views of Monegros tozales, monoliths formed by the erosion of the elements on the rock: Tozal de la Cobeta, Tozales de los Pedregales, Tozal de Colasico, Tozal Solitario, Mirador Oriental and Peña Altar. Along the way there are a few parking lots to admire the views.