A82 Road is one of the most scenic drives of Scotland

A82 is a very scenic Scottish road, running along the shores of Loch Lomond and Loch Ness and the shadow of Ben Nevis. It is definitely one of the best drives in the country.

A82 Road

Where does the A82 run from?

The road is totally paved. It’s 269km (167mi) long, running from Glasgow to Fort William and Inverness.

How dangerous is the A82 road?

It is the second-longest A-road in the country and has been frequently regarded as one of the most dangerous roads in Scotland. In the past decade, 50 people have been killed on the road. The section between Tarbet and Ardlui is narrow (embarrassingly narrow for a major route - there are some corners where two trucks struggle to pass each other) and can be very slow.

Is the A82 a nice drive?

The A82 showcases the gorgeous countryside and scenic areas. It’s a popular route for tourists due to its extensive scenery, and it serves as the main artery for commercial and heavy goods traffic through the area. In summers, it’s pretty busy. Some sections of the route easily rank among the most photographed stretches of tarmac in the world, through summits, valleys, waterfalls, and lochs. In Glencoe, a region of the country famed the world over for its spectacular landscapes, the road brings you breathtaking scenic spaces and wonderful sights like the Rannoch Moor Bridge. Everything from overgrown grass on rocks to historical bridges is worth a gander. Fertile valleys, dizzying peaks, and clear mountain rivers together give this landscape an almost mythological feel, and on this road, you can take it all in as you drive by.

Where was Bond’s Skyfall filmed?

Tucked away in the central part of the country, this scenic road is shown in Bond’s Skyfall film: a driving clip where the Aston is on a two-lane road, between Bridge of Orchy and the Kings House Hotel. The bits where Bond and M are standing by the parked Aston, on a single track road, are in Glen Etive.