Highest roads of Scotland

Highest roads of Scotland

Located in Northern Europe and part of the United Kingdom, Scotland forms the northern half of Great Britain. The geography of the country is varied and dramatic.

The country comprises the northern half of the island of Great Britain and it’s bounded by England to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and north, and the North Sea to the east. The geography of the country consists of the southern Lowland area, to the south and east and the Highlands to the north and west, with rocky high mountains, deep valleys, rivers, lochs and diverse coastline.

Road Elevation Surface
Cairngorm Mountain 1.091m (3,579ft) Unpaved
Lowther Hill 728m (2,388ft) Paved
Cairnwell Pass 684m (2,244ft) Paved
Cairngorm Mountain 646m (2,119ft) Paved
Lecht Pass 646m (2,119ft) Paved
Bealach na Bà 626m (2,054ft) Paved
Lochan na Lairige 558m (1,830ft) Paved
Glen Quaich 538m (1,765ft) Paved

Pic: Karl Peet

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