5 Top-rated golf tours in Portugal

Portugal is among the top golfing destinations around the world. It has fantastic golf courses and pleasant weather to complete the invitation package.

5 Top-rated golf tours in Portugal

Algarve golf tour tops the list of the most amazing destinations for golf tourists. You enjoy scenic backgrounds that include mountain ranges, cities, and beaches. Portugal offers a package that is rewarding and delivers excellent value for money. 
Portugal has golf courses spread across the country. Their designs are amazing and meet the expected international standards. The nation has golf courses in Lisbon, Algarve, Cascais, Abidos and Porto, among others. 
Golf lovers choose Portugal for a variety of reasons. Among the reasons Portugal is a top golf tour destination include

  • Lush green expanses await any enthusiast- the turfs in Portugal are expansive and luxurious. They will beat your imagination of a world-class golf course and resort. This expanse makes the golf courses the delight of tour lovers. The expansive golf courses offer picture-perfect scenes to share with friends and peers.
  • A golf-tour in Portugal takes you to the most amazing places you have ever visited. The sights and sounds of Portugal are amazing. They include breathtaking hillsides and beach-fronts. A golf tour in Portugal will give you the most amazing memories. These beautiful memories make you want to return to Portugal over and over.
  • Additional luxury amenities- the resorts and hotels you spend your time will blow your mind. These resorts and facilities compete for top positions in the world. Global airlines connect to Portugal from all corners of the world. Infrastructure to these resorts and hotels is also amazing.

Portugal provides a unique experience to golf lovers. With customized packages, you have the best golf tour experience imaginable. Here are the top-rated golf tours in Portugal for you to explore.

Algarve Golf Tour

Algarve has one of the best golf resorts and hotels in Portugal. The tour takes you from Dona Filipa to Penina. The golf courses in the area are well maintained to meet the highest standards a golfer would desire. There is a course that will meet the requirements or demand of every golfer.

Among the top golf course in the Algarve region is San Lorenzo Golf Course. The golf course was designed by the renowned architect, Joseph Lee as a par 72 18-holes gem. The overall design is a figure of eight and has a fantastic pine woodland background.

Penha Longa Atlantico Tour

The course is dramatic and stands out among the other courses in Portugal. The course is set near Sintra and ranks among the best-golfing turfs in Europe. The layout demands a player who is strategic in his play. This challenging aspect of the golf course is mainly due to the differences in elevation.

Penha Longa snakes through a series of hills that intertwine around a rocky outcrop. Players have to deal with a gust of wind channeled by the mount ranges that dominate the area. It explains why the golf course attracts professionals looking for unique challenges and a golf course to sharpen their skills.

Oceanico Victoria Course (Venue for Portugal Masters)

The course has also hosted the PGA World Cup on numerous occasions. The setting is a coastal wetland, meaning that you have to deal with natural water obstacles. These obstacles will even challenge the skills of professional golfers. Though the topography is relatively flat, it can be deceiving. Any reckless and uncalculated move will sink a pro.

The layout features clusters of carob trees, almonds, and cork. The greens are among the best-manicured lawns in Europe. The spectacle at holes 11, 12, and 13 will make your tour unforgettable. You have wild fowls to cheer you on as you play. The hotels around the course give you the best resting place to take a break and compare your scores with opponents.

Oitavos Dunes

The course, set in Lisbon, is the handiwork of the great architect Arthur Hills. The layout opens up to the Atlantic Ocean, and the positioning of the holes take to account the wind gust coming from the ocean. The greens are fast-paced and will influence your style of play. The name suggests that you will encounter dunes along the way. The natural dunes affect the ultimate design of the course.

At the 5th hole, you have to balance between the dunes, bunkers, and trees. It explains why the course is revered. Once you complete the holes, world-class accommodation facilities await you.

Quita do Lago North

The course is built for strategy and precision. It received a facelift in 2014 done by Beau Welling and with the input of Paul McGinley, the European Ryder Cup Captain. It is set on one of the most exclusive golf resorts in Europe. The golfer has to navigate a 3-acre water hazard. The grass and vegetation on the course are natural, to ensure that it is one with nature.

Portugal offers a variety of golfing opportunities, from exclusive resorts to world-class courses. Since the golf courses are spread throughout Portugal, a player will visit some of the most incredible destinations in Portugal. It is a chance to experience the best of European golf.
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