N232 Road, not suitable for those who get dizzy

Located in central Portugal, N232 Road is a tortuously winding mountain road. The road has so many twists and switchbacks that is best avoided.

N232 Road

N232 Road is paved with good surface and some fast corners, but pretty narrow in parts. It’s 86.6 km (53.81 miles) long and runs from Mangualde, on the A25 road, to Belmonte, on the N18 Road.

Plan 2 hours without stops to complete the drive. The road tops out at 1.427m (4,681ft) above the sea level and hits an 8% of gradient through some of the ramps.

Running through the Serra da Estrela Mountains, the drive features some remarkable views. The most challenging part of the drive is 37km long and more than 100 turns, running from the city of Gouveia to the town of Manteigas, in the Guarda District.
Road suggested by: Rui Silva