Travel guide to the top of Alto da Pedrice

Alto da Pedrice is a high mountain peak at an elevation of 1.740m (5,708ft) above the sea level, located in Castelo Branco district, in Central Portugal. It's one of the highest roads of the country.

Alto da Pedrice

Set high on the southern slope of Serra da Estrela mountain range, the road to the summit, also known as Alto da Pedrice y Poios Brancos, is totally unpaved. At the summit, Miradouro da Varanda dos Pastores is a famous paragliding site.

The road to the summit, the 2nd highest mountain in mainland Portugal, is very steep, hitting a 9% of maximum gradient through some of the ramps. Starting at the paved N339, the ascent is 2.6 km (1.61 miles) long. Over this distance the elevation gain is 137 meters. The average gradient is 5.26%.
Pic&video: hikingiberia