Ryfylke National Tourist Route

Ryfylke National Tourist Route

Located in Ryfylke, Fjord Norway, the Ryfylke National Tourist Route is one of the most scenic drives in the country, surrounded by mountains, rockslides, polished cliffs and fjords.

The road is asphalted. It’s 260 km long between Oanes by the Lysefjord to Hordalia in Røldal, in the county of Rogaland in Fjord Norway. The drive is an amazing experience and a must visit for all driving enthusiasts. Located northeast of Stavanger and east ofHaugesund it’s a trip full of contrasts. It’s usually closed in the winter in November and reopens in June. Sections of the road, particularly over the mountain to Røldal, are narrow with a number of bends. There is currently no maximum length for buses but the use of shorter buses is advisable.

Roads: Road 520, Road 13
Length: 260km
Highest elevation: 972m asl
Ferries: 2
Winter notice: From Helandsbygd to Røldal is normally closed in the winter in November and reopens in June.
Other: Use of shorter buses is advisable.


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