Longest tunnels in Norway

There are over 1000 road tunnels in the country, with total length exceeding 750 km. Some tunnels are often long (up to 24km), narrow and many are unlit. Norway's tunnels are incredibly long and have some interesting features.

Longest tunnels in Norway
Longest tunnels in Norway
Tunnel  Length Opening year Road
Laerdal  24.510m 2000 E16
Ryfylke 14.300m 2019 Rv13
Gudvanga 11.428m 1991 E16
Folgefonn  11.150m 2001 Fv551
Toven 10.665m 2014 RV78
Jondal  10.050m 2012  Fv107
Mælefjell    9.400m 2019 E134
Korgfjell  8.568m 2005  E6
Karmøy 8.900m 2013 47
Steigen  8.079 m 1990 Rv835