Driving the scenic Fylkesvei 50 (Fv50)

Fylkesvei 50 (Fv50) is a very scenic drive located in southern Norway. This is a remarkable road trip. Remember to bring your camera.

Fylkesvei 50

The road is totally paved. It’s 94km (58.40 miles) long and runs west-east from Aurlandsvangen, in Vestland county, on the east side of the Aurlandsfjorden, to Hagafoss, a small village in Buskerud. The road opened in 1974, but was originally open to public traffic only in the summer. It is the gate to the Aurlandsdalen glacially-formed valley.

Located in the Hallingskarvet National Park, the drive is very scenic and offers stunning views of Strandavatnet lake. It includes some narrow and steep sections up to 10%. The road features 12 tunnels. The longest one is called Berdal Tunnelen (4.2km long).