Suleskarvegen, the highest road in the south west of Norway

Suleskarvegen is a very scenic road winding through the mountain regions of the south west of Norway.


The road is totally paved but very narrow. It is called Fv337. In some places it is only one lane. The road is 41.6 km (25.84 miles) long, running west-east from Suleskard to Rysstad, in Aust-Agder county.

Tucked away in the Setesdalsheiene mountains, it’s the highest road in the south west of Norway topping out at 1.056m (3,464ft) above the sea level. At this elevation the road is closed for the winter from 1 November to around 20 May. It’s said to be one of the best motorcycle routes in Norway, running between fjords and mountains.

It’s pretty steep, hitting a 12.5% through some of the ramps. Starting from Suleskar, the ascent is 4.2 km long. Over this distance, the elevation gain is 350 meters. The average percentage is 8.3 %.