The Road to Hjolmoberget: Norway's Steep Paved Challenge

Hjølmoberget stands as a majestic mountain peak, soaring to an elevation of 853m (2,798ft) above sea level, nestled in Vestland county, Norway.


Journey Duration to Hjølmoberget

Located within the captivating confines of the Hardangervidda National Park, the route to the summit winds its way with 22 captivating hairpin turns. This fully-paved journey commences from Øvre Eidfjord, a picturesque village situated at the southern tip of the Eidfjordvatnet lake. Spanning a distance of 10.5 km (6.52 miles), the climb presents an elevation gain of 1,306 meters, averaging a gradient of 12.43%.

Navigating Hjølmoberget's Challenging Terrains

Ensconced in the central-southern region of the country, the road narrows to such an extent that it becomes impassable for two medium-sized cars side by side. Maneuvering or turning around can pose challenges even for standard vehicles, making it advisable for larger buses, especially those with more than 20 seats, to avoid this route. Furthermore, certain stretches are remarkably steep, with some areas showcasing a formidable 16% gradient.

Is the Route to Hjølmoberget Always Open?

Winter in these parts can be unpredictable. Road conditions across the mountains can fluctuate dramatically within hours. It's not uncommon to find oneself in a convoy behind hefty snowploughs working tirelessly to clear the path. Adverse weather can sometimes lead to the road being entirely shut off. And remember, equipping your vehicle with winter tires is a must during the colder months.

Is the Climb to Hjolmoberget Worth the Effort?

Certainly! At the summit, you're greeted with a modest parking space, which tends to get crowded during weekends. However, the journey is nothing short of spectacular, punctuated by the mesmerizing dual cascades of Vedalsfossen, a sight that promises to be the highlight of your ascent.
Pic: Eirik Sæbø