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European route E 69

The European route E69 is a challenging drive located in northern Norway. It’s said to be the world’s northernmost highway and takes travellers as far North in Europe as it is possible to go by road.

The road is asphalted and links Olderfjord and Nordkapp (North Cape), the northernmost point of Europe. It’s 129km (80mi) long and takes in five tunnels. The longest is the North Cape tunnel, running 212m (696ft) beneath the sea and measuring in 6.9 km (4.3 mi). The northernmost part of the road is closed during the winter months.
The journey offers an exhilarating driving experience, with superb views. This epic route passes through some stunning scenery. An incredible journey, an unforgettable experience. This is definitely one road trip that you want to record with lots of photographs. For the majority of its length, the road hugs tight to the coastline, rewarding travelers with excellent sea views. There are lots of viewpoints, official and unofficial. The road is a delight to drive, with every kind of twist and turn.

It was completed in 1999. The road is subject to strong winds and rapid weather changes. Be prepared for the cold and wind! High winds blow here all year long. Even in summer you can confront with snowy days. As with any road close to the sea, the weather can change drastically and very suddenly. Temperatures here in the winter are brutally cold. Adverse weather conditions can prompt closure of the road. It can often be treacherous, with ice and snow accumulating even in the summer, so exercise caution as you make your way. Storms are not uncommon and riding is not advised in high winds and heavy rain or snow.


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