Riksvegen Old Road is a unique piece of engineering along Eidfjord Lake

Located in the Vestland county of Norway, Riksvegen Old Road is a scenic drive along the Eidfjordvatnet (Eidfjord Lake).

Eidfjordvatnet Old Road

Is the Riksvegen Old Road open to vehicles?

Tucked away on the western part of the country, in the municipality of Eidfjord, the Riksvegen old road is totally paved but closed to vehicles. Only bicycles and pedestrian are allowed. This famous road is a unique piece of engineering. Along the way you’ll enjoy stunning views of the Eidfjordvatnet (Eidfjord Lake).

How long is the Riksvegen Old Road?

The old road is 2.3 km (1.42 miles) long running along the western shore of the lake. It includes a tunnel opened by King Oscar II, once used by motor vehicles. High risk of rock slides. The old road beside Eidfjord Lake was bypassed by the Eidfjordtunnelen, a tunnel part of the Norwegian National Road 7 (Rv7). The new road is wider and has many more tunnels to replace the narrow, old road and all its turns.
Pic: Nicolas Canciani