How to drive to Slettnes fyr, the world’s northernmost mainland lighthouse?

Located in Finnmark county, between the Barents Sea and the Nordkyn mountains of Norway, where Europe drops into the sea, Slettnes fyr is the world’s northernmost mainland lighthouse. It's one of the world's northernmost roads.

Slettnes fyr

Can you drive to Slettnes lighthouse?

Tucked away 4 km north of the charming village of Gamvik, within the Slettnes Nature Reserve, the road to Slettnes Lighthouse is mostly unpaved, with many holes but navigable by all passenger vehicles. The lighthouse was built in 1905, partly destroyed in 1944 during World War II by German troops, and rebuilt in 1945-48. It is 39-metre (128 ft) tall.

How long is the road to Slettnes lighthouse?

Located at the far northern coast of the Nordkinn Peninsula, the road will bring you to the very top of Mainland Europe. Starting at Gamvik, in Gamvik Municipality, the road to the lighthouse, nicknamed the road to the end of Europe, is 3.4km (2.11 miles) long. Take care with the wind.

Is Slettnes lighthouse worth it?

At the end of the road there’s a small parking lot and a cafe. The drive is definitely worth it. There are many excellent photo opportunities here. Situated on a vast coastal plain between the Barents Sea and the mountains, the building and a 12 square-kilometer area surrounding it was made a nature reserve by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage in 1998. From the tower, there are fantastic views of sea, plain, and mountains. From the top of the tower, visitors are offered spectacular views of the endless ocean and the harsh but beautiful nature. In winter it appears lifeless beneath the magical Northern Lights. In spring and autumn it is the stage for fantastic wildlife displays as many rare species of bird appear in greater numbers here than anywhere else on Earth. In summertime, Slettnes is teeming with life in the thicket and water.