Peer Gynt Vegen: Navigating the Unpaved Road Through the Country of the Trolls

Situated in Norway's Gudbrandsdalen Valley, the Peer Gynt Road offers travelers a journey through the fabled land of Peer Gynt and the trolls' domain. Embark on an enchanting drive amidst this picturesque terrain.

Peer Gynt Vegen

How long is the Peer Gynt Vegen Road?

The road is totally unpaved but navigable by all passenger vehicles. It’s 57 km (35.41 miles) long, running from Skeikampen to Dalseter, via Gålå and Fefor. It is a toll road with payment for cars and motorbikes, with 4 toll stations, one at each entrance. The road is named after the folkloric character Peer Gynt.

Is the Peer Gynt Vegen Road open all year round?

Located on the eastern part of the country, the road tops out at 1.053m (3,454ft) above the sea level, by Listulhøgda. The road is only open in the summer season, normally from the beginning of June, as soon as the snow is gone. It closes again late in autumn when the snow once again covers the mountains.

Is the Peer Gynt Vegen Road worth it?

Absolutely. This scenic route not only presents breathtaking views but also invites travelers to explore numerous trails branching into the pristine natural backdrop. As a significant mountainous passage in the Gudbrandsdal valley, it leads adventurers into Peer Gynt's legendary realm and grants access to attractions like the renowned Solbra-Seter farm.