Sognefjell National Route

Sognefjell National Route, a scenic mountain drive in Norway

Sognefjell National Route is a very scenic road located in Norway through the Jotunheimen Mountains. It’s the highest mountain road in Northern Europe. It's one of the famous scenic drives in Norway.

The road, also known as Sognefjellsvegen or Sognefjellsveien, is part of the Fylkesvei 55. It has a length of 110km (70mi) and was inaugurated on 16th July 1938. The surface of the road is asphalted. It’s closed from November through May, but is snowploughed ready for opening around 1st of May. Driving the newly opened road, between banks of snow up to ten metres high, is a wonderful experience. Road is a little bit narrow at times but mostly fine. It has been awarded the status of National Tourist Route because of the spectacular and wild mountain scenery it passes through. The road is a delight to drive, with every kind of twist and turn. If you can, plan this trip with open and sunny weather.

The road lies within the Jotunheimen National Park and Breheimen National Park and it climbs up to Fantesteinen, a mountain pass at an elevation of 1.437m (4,714ft) above the sea level. Do not travel this road in severe weather conditions. It can be very windy. It goes from green fjords to a treeless plateau. Take your time at the top and look for the many hiking trails.

Roads: Road 55
Length: 108km
Highest elevation: 1.437m asl
Ferries: 0
Winter notice: From Liasanden to Turtagrø is normally closed in November and reopens in May.



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