Aurlandsfjellet National Tourist Route

Aurlandsfjellet National Tourist Route is the road with breathtaking views

Aurlandsfjellet is a very scenic drive in Vestland county, Norway. The National Tourist Route is closed in winters. It's one of the famous scenic drives in Norway.

How long is the Aurlandsfjellet?

Located on the southern part of the country, the Norway road 243 is 47km (29 miles) long, running from Aurlandsvangen to Lærdal. It was opened in 1967. The route was replaced by the Lærdalstunnelen, the world's longest road tunnel at 24.5 kilometers (15.2 miles) long.

Is the Aurlandsfjellet challenging?

The drive features steep and narrow parts, wide enough for one car only. There are restrictions on the length of buses and the maximum length is 12,4 metres. The road is partly steep so drive low gear and easy on the brakes. Note that there may be a lot of traffic from Stegastein towards Aurlandsfjorden.

Is Aurlandsfjellet closed?

The road is totally closed in winters. It tops out at 1.305m (4,281ft) above the sea level. There is snow along the road most of the summer. Because of this, the road is also called the "Snow road".  The stretch from Aurlandsvangen is open as far as the viewpoint at Stegastein all year round. It's one of the highest roads of the country.

Is the Aurlandsfjellet worth it?

The road runs through 20 hairpin turns along lovely scenery with a variety of landscapes. It’s a beautiful drive across a barren plateau through a desolate landscape of snow and rocks with the occasional sprig of grass. Travelling from Lærdal, the view that opens up on the descent towards the dramatic fjord landscape in and around Aurland is astounding, with the award-winning Stegastein viewpoint as the pièce de résistance. Made of laminated timber and steel, this platform sticking 30 metres out into thin air, 650 metres above the fjord gives the landscape a whole new dimension. The drive offers many stops along the way to watch fjord, cascades and forests.


Roads: Road 243
Length: 47km
Highest elevation: 1.306m
Ferries: 0
Winter notice: Closed over the mountain during the winter season between the Aurland/Lærdal municipal boundary and Nalfarbakkane above Aurlandsvangen.
Other: Restrictions on the length of buses and the maximum length is 12,4 metres.