Antrim Coast Road is one of Ireland's most scenic drives

Tucked away on Northern Ireland's coast, the Antrim Coast Road is one of Ireland's most scenic drives, running along 40 kilometers of gorgeous coastline. The road follows the coast with the sea on one side and, for the most part, towering cliffs on the other.

Antrim Coast Road

Where does Antrim Coast Road start and end?

Part of the larger Causeway Coastal Route, the road is totally paved. It runs along the coast for about 40 kilometers (25 miles). The road follows the scenic coastline, and some parts are even built between large 100-meter-high cliffs and the sea. It runs from the Black Arch near Larne to the Red Arch near Cushendall. This part of the road is also relatively narrow and lightly used, which is great for a road trip.

Is Antrim Coast Road worth it?

Regarded as one of the great tourist routes of the world, this is one road trip you will remember forever. Tucked under limestone cliffs with the sea crashing a few feet to the right, the drive is packed with scenery, historical sites, and colorful coastal villages. Motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians should pay due care and attention as there are currently no cycle lanes, and footpaths are infrequent.

When was Antrim Coast Road built?

The road was constructed between 1832 and 1842 by civil engineer William Bald. A large section of the road winds through the countryside, following the scenic coastline. Mainly a single lane in each direction, it is connected in several places to other major roads.