'The Road' is the main road on the island of Saba

Located on the tiny Dutch Caribbean island of Saba, The Road is a marvel of engineering. It’s the main road of the island and runs from the airport to the harbor, passing all four villages of the island. Its construction was masterminded by Josephus Lambert Hassell, who, despite the common opinion of Dutch and Swiss engineers, believed that a road could be built.

The Road

The Construction of Saba's Main Road

The road, which looks more like a giant’s sidewalk, is 10.6km (6.58 miles) long. It’s made of concrete and goes from the airport, through Hell’s Gate, Windwardside, St. John, and The Bottom (Saba’s four villages). The road is locally known as "The Road that couldn't be built" because people once believed it was impossible to build a road on Saba Island. However, civil engineer Josephus Lambert Hassell, a resident of the island, along with the Saban people, began building the road in 1938, and no machines were used during its construction. In 1943, the first section of the road was inaugurated, and by 1958, The Road was finished.

Navigating Challenges and Spectacular Views on 'The Road'

The road is narrow, with several sections impassable for two cars at the same time. Driving "The Road" is an experience in itself. It's normal for your palms to sweat looking at those photos; imagine what it must have been like before the barriers. Every minute is a thrilling roller coaster ride, making it one of the island's best outdoor attractions. The road includes very steep sections because the island is basically one big volcano with steep hills and slopes on all sides, climbing over 1,200 feet in less than a mile. Driving The Road is considered to be a daunting task, and the curves in Windwardside are extremely difficult to negotiate.

Ecological Wonders Along Saba's Scenic 'Mountain Road

Driving is on the right-hand side. As you wind and twist along the chiseled cliff sides, you may struggle to focus on the amazing panoramas of the neighboring islands, old-fashioned villages, and varied seascapes. A plethora of ecological zones await, meandering from dry tundra up to dense tropical vegetation, winding past many steep drop-offs as you go. The views are spectacular! Ascending the "Mountain Road," which ends at the Mt. Scenery trail, brings you to the highest point of the road, which is over 1,800ft above sea level! So don't be surprised while driving (or being driven) on Saba to slip from bright warm sunshine into cool mystical cloud.
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Pic: Eveline de Vree http://www.sabatourism.com/sabasroad.html