Exploring the N659 Oyster Dam Road: A Coastal Drive in the Netherlands

N659 is a spectacular road across the Oyster dam (‘Oesterdam’), on the boundary of North Brabant and Zeeland provinces, in the Netherlands.


When was the N659 road in Holland built?

Tucked away on the southwestern part of the country, the road is fully paved. It follows the Oesterdam, part of the Dutch Deltaworks, built to prevent the mainland from sea floods. The road was finished after the construction of this dam -to facilitate the construction of the dam- in 1986.

How long is the N659 road in Holland?

The road is 14.5 km (9 miles) long, running north-south from Steenenkruis to Middenhof. It’s a very popular drive with tourists and cyclists at peak times.Due to the increased number of tourists, there are also many small businesses that have developed in the close vicinity of this road.