The Netherlands

The Netherlands, often celebrated for its iconic windmills, sprawling tulip fields, and intricate canal networks, holds another captivating allure for those with wanderlust in their veins: its uniquely scenic roads. Embark on a journey along the Afsluitdijk, a marvel of engineering that serenely splits the sea, or navigate the gentle curves of the Veluwezoom's forested paths, painted with nature's most vibrant hues. Cruise through the Beemster Polder, where geometric farmlands echo the artistry of Dutch masters, or venture down the coastal roads of Zeeland, where the North Sea whispers tales of old. In the Netherlands, every road is a chapter, every turn a verse in the rich tapestry of Dutch history and landscapes. Strap in, and let the Low Country's lanes lead you to sights and sensations you never thought possible.

Things to Know Before Driving The Flower Route

Bollenstreek Route is the name of a very scenic drive in the densest concentration of flowers in Holland.

Exploring the N659 Oyster Dam Road: A Coastal Drive in the Netherlands

N659 is a spectacular road across the Oyster dam (‘Oesterdam’), on the boundary of North Brabant and Zeeland provinces, in the Netherlands.

'The Road' is the main road in the island of Saba

Located on the tiny Dutch Caribbean island of Saba, The Road is a marvel of engineering. It’s the main road of the island and runs from the airport to the harbor, passing all 4 villages of the island. Its construction was masterminded by Josephus Lambert Hassell who, despite the common opinion of Dutch and Swiss engineers, believed that a road could be built.

Vaalserberg: the highest road in mainland Netherlands

Vaalserberg is a mountain peak at an elevation of 322.7m (1,059ft) above the sea level, located in the province of Limburg in the Netherlands. At this elevation it’s the highest point in mainland Netherlands.

Travelling through the Houtribdijk causeway

Located in Northern Holland, the Houtribdijk is a major causeway and dike constructed between 1963 and 1975.

Driving through the scenic Afsluitdijk

Located in Northern Holland, the Afsluitdijk (A7 Road) is a major causeway and dike connecting the provinces of Friesland and North Holland.