What are the most spectacular roads in Luxembourg?

Located in the heart of Central Europe, Luxembourg has no high mountains, but it does have its own unique charms. When traveling to the country, don’t miss the road to Kneiff, a mountain pass at 559m (1,833ft) above sea level. At this elevation, it is the highest point in the country. Despite Luxembourg having no big mountains, it hosts landscapes and plains that are perfect for a road trip, especially on a bicycle.

It’s also worth taking the drive along National Highway 25. It's a curvy road in the heart of the Ardennes, running along the right bank of the Wiltz river.

Kneiff is a mountain pass at an elevation of 559m (1,833ft) above the sea level, located in the commune of Troisvierges, in northern Luxembourg. At this elevation it’s the highest point of the country.

National Highway 25 (Nationalstrooss 25) is a curvy road located in north-western Luxembourg.