Passo di Campogrosso

Campogrosso Pass

Passo di Campogrosso (Malga Campogrosso) is a mountain pass at an elevation of 1.464m (4,803ft) above the sea level, located on the border of Trentino-Alto Adige and Veneto, in Italy. It’s a very steep climb with a maximum slope of 16%.

The road to the summit is asphalted but very narrow, steep, and with a serie of close hairpin bends. It’s called Strada provinciale 99 Campogrosso (SP-99). Its many twists, turns and narrows can pose a challenge to even the most experienced drivers. The road is not easy, though. Up, down, right, left all the time. The section called Strada del Re (from Km 11 to Km 14,800 of SP99) is blocked to traffic.

This route is not recommended if your passengers are prone to car sickness. It has two small tunnels dug into the rock. Don’t stuff your belly too much. Expect a road pretty steep. There are 2 routes to reach the summit. Starting from Recoaro, the ascent is 12.19 km long. Over this distance, the elevation gain is 1.019 meters. The average percentage is 8.4 %. And starting from Valli del Pasubio, the ascent is 17.53 km long. Over this distance, the elevation gain is 1.122 meters. The average percentage is 6.4 %.