Cala Gonone: a road with several dizzying hairpin bends

Cala Gonone is a small beach town located in the Province of Nuoro, on the eastern coast of central Sardinia, in Italy. 

Cala Gonone

The road to the town is one of the wildest drives of the country. It’s said to be one of the most beautiful beaches of the Province of Nuoro, in Sardinia. It's Cala Gonone’s very inaccessibility that forms a good part of its appeal. The road is simply brutal, with several dizzying hairpin bends.

Starting from the Strada Statale 125, the drive is 9.6 km long offering grandstand views of the Golfo di Orosei. It’s one of Sardinia's most symbolic beaches, because of its wild appearance and unspoilt beauty.

The surface of the road is paved with concrete sections. The most challenging part of the road are the last 2.4 km. Starting from the Nuraghe Buca d’Irghiriai, an archaeological site at an elevation of 322m above the sea level, the road is very steep. The elevation gain is 245 meters and the average gradient is 10.20%, with some sections up to 14%.