Driving the coastal road from Fornelli to Cala d'Oliva

The scenic Fornelli-Cala d'Oliva Road is the only paved road on the Italian island of Asinara, at the north-western tip of Sardinia, in the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the best coastal drives in the world.

Fornelli-Cala d'Oliva Road

The main road of the island is 21.1 km long. Located within the Asinara National Park, the surface of the road is concrete which well integrates in the landscape. It links Fornelli in the south (where a maximum-security prison was formerly located) and Cala d'Oliva in the north. It’s a town which features low, white houses in the old quarter, while larger edifices in the upper quarter used to house the families of prison workers. Following this road it is possible to observe the most important habitats of the island the many distinctive characteristics of the landscape, its surprising biodiversity, the vegetation, as well as its terrain and historical features and its most characteristic species. Along the road you will also get to the main towns: Fornelli, Tumbarino, La Reale and Cala d'Oliva.

The road is very scenic featuring stunning coastal views. The best seasons to visit the area are spring and autumn. The island was only opened to tourism in 1999. The road offers fine, white sand, breathtaking panoramas, waters that range from hues of azure to turquoise, and one of the most beautiful seascapes of the entire Mediterranean.
Pic: Mattia Pastrello