The breathtaking road through Serrai di Sottoguda in the Dolomites

Located in the middle of the Dolomites, in the Italian Belluno province, part of the Veneto region, the road along the Serrai di Sottoguda gorge is one of the narrowest roads in the world. The Sottoguda gorge is closed to traffic; only pedestrians and cyclists are allowed.

Serrai di Sottoguda

Exploring the Gorge's Narrow Bridges and Historical Routes

The road, with 12 little bridges, is paved and extremely narrow. It snakes along beside a stream in one of the narrowest gorges in the country. The gorge has a width of eight to ten meters, and the walls on both sides have a height of up to 50 meters. The whole canyon has a length of approximately two kilometers. The current route followed to visit the Serrai is not the original but a track put in place during the First World War: witness to this are two galleries used as ammunition depots and a chapel (in memory of the military cemetery of Malga Ciapela). Along the old route, now abandoned, one can see an effigy of the Sacred Heart: carved into the naked rock at a time when crossing the Serrai was very dangerous, it was created to warn and bless the travelers all at once.

The Unique Charm of Serrai di Sottoguda

The road follows the river Pettorina running through the Sottoguda gorge, a deep canyon of 2.5 km considered a jewel of the Veneto Alps. Here, the power of nature is still strong. Along the way, you can listen to the sound of the waters that stream down and originated the canyon of the Serrai. This road is not on all maps, as it is very narrow and doesn't go anywhere much. Anyway, the road has been used by the Giro d'Italia bicycle race.

Navigating the Narrow and Towering Sides of Serrai di Sottoguda Road

The road is 1.7 km (1.05 miles) long and features some steep sections, scarcely wide enough for two cars to pass at the same time. It has towering vertical sides, and not much light gets down there. The whole place has the eerie effect of making you feel very small. It's a must-do. The road was bypassed by a few tunnels open to vehicles.
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