Sebina Occidentale-SP469, one of the Italy's most scenic roads

Sebina Occidentale is one of the Italian most scenic and challenging roads. Located in Bergamo, northern Italy, the road runs on the western side of Lake Iseo, the fourth largest lake in the zone. It's a beautiful road from Sarnico to Lovere. It passes through the narrow streets of coastal towns.

Sebina Occidentale

The road, officially known as SP469, but locally known as Sebina Occidentale, is paved and links Lovere, a town in the northwest end of the lake, and Sarnico, in the southern end of the lake, also known as Lago d'Iseo or Sebino. The road is 36.7 km long. It’s especially narrow and was cut into the rocks. At one side there’s a rock wall and at the other is just the water, with small guardrails. The road was built in 1910 and goes though a series of tunnels alternated with sections of coastline, with small bays and little beaches where the branches of overhanging trees skim the water to form a succession of romantic corners where nature remains unspoiled.

The road, also known as Strada panoramica 469, still remains an adrenaline-pumping journey and is definitely not for the faint of lungs, heart, or legs. It’s said to be the most dangerous road in the province of Bergamo, as well as one of the most scenic drives in the zone. It's normal for your palms to sweat looking at those photos, imagine what it must have been like before the barriers.

The International movie (Clive Owen and Naomi Watts) was filmed here. From the 15th November to the 15th April, all cars must have winter tires and snow chains on board. The road closely hugs the water on its circuit around Lake Iseo and is especially dramatic south of Lovere. The road has also some black legends, and stories about entire families being swallowed up by the murky waters abound.