Navigating Forcella Luson: Italy's Hidden Gem in the Dolomites

Forcella Luson is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.383m (7,818ft) above the sea level, located in the Trentino-South Tyrol region of Italy.

Lüsner Scharte/Forcella Luson

Dolomites' Breathtaking Route: Via Panoramica Dolomiti

Plunging deep into the core of the Dolomites, the road to this summit, also referred to as Lüsner Scharte, takes you through the mostly unpaved Via Panoramica Dolomiti or Dolomiten Panoramaweg. But be warned, it’s a tight squeeze, especially as you approach the zenith, and winters see it closed off.

How long is the road to Forcella Luson?

The climb is pretty steep. Near the summit there’s a mountain hut known as Plosehütte (Rifugio Plose). Starting from Strada Provinciale 29 (SP-29), the road is 8.2 km (5.09 miles) long.

A Glimpse from the Top: Monte Telegrafo Views

Towards the pass's north, an intriguing gravel chairlift trail leads adventurers to Monte Telegrafo (Plose). And as you drive, don’t forget to soak in the splendid vistas that the route generously offers.
Pic: Federico Silvio Moretto