Conquer the Heights: Exploring Colle d’Ancoccia - A Thrilling Mountain Pass Adventure in Piedmont

Colle d’Ancoccia is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.533m (8,310ft) above the sea level, located in the province of Cuneo, on the far south west of the region of Piedmont, in Italy.

Colle d’Ancoccia

Is the road to Colle d’Ancoccia challenging?

Nestled within the soaring heights of the Cottian Alps, the path to the peak is an entirely unpaved trail filled with loose stones. This route, once utilized by the military, poses considerable challenges due to its precipitous sections, reaching a maximum slope of 25%. Typically, the road remains obstructed during winter months.

How long is the road to Colle d’Ancoccia?

Nestled in the country's northern region, close to the French border, the journey spans 37.1 km (23.05 miles) starting from the paved SP113 road, located to the south of Marmora. The route, positioned south of Rocca la Meja and Lago della Meja, provides breathtaking views throughout the drive. The path is dotted with numerous disused military barracks, adding an historical touch to the scenic surroundings.